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What is IQM?

IQM stands for ‘In Queue Merchandiser’.  The solution is often used in collaboration with the current barrier queuing system in place to increase and maximise impulse buying in the queue line and in many stores we have seen ROI within a matter of days.

Our IQM range features euro hooks, baskets and shelves, along with literature dispensers and can be configured to suit your requirements.

As a freestanding unit, the IQM merchandiser can be easily incorporated into a traditional barrier queuing system or simply used as a stand alone unit. Not only does this give you the benefits of a traditional till queuing solution by enhancing customer wayfinding and ensuring movement through the area is seamless but it can also enhance impulse purchases.

The system is sturdy and hardwearing, ensuring safety is maintained in an often robust environment.

The post and rail configuration allows for the introduction of various shelf, panel and header configurations giving total flexibility as to product layout and quantities whilst ensuring product display is emphasised to give maximum visual effect.

The best bit? You can pick and chose exactly what you want on it!

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